Defend Your Business with Denver Cyber Security

Protecting your IT assets with leading-edge security solutions is Job One for us. We provide a 360 degree solution that includes everything from policy development to online security awareness training to comprehensive cloud-based managed security services.

You are in the driver’s seat. You can decide which assets you want to protect now and what degree of alertness training is appropriate for your company. We have a full menu so that you can start protecting your company immediately – and then, as your needs grow – add to your security as your situation demands. Our services include:

-Policy Development
-Vulnerability Testing
-Penetration Testing
-Website Defense
-Security Awareness Training
-Penetration Testing Training
-Vendor Assessment & Management
-Cyber Insurance Analysis
-Online Identity Management
-On-going Network Monitoring and Defense
-Cyber Security Speaking/Presentations

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Cyber security is a moving target and one that has become an imperative – and even a statutory one in some industries. In fact, when we are questioned about the ROI on cyber security, we often explain to people that the term “ROI” when applied to IT security, can easily mean “Risk of Incarceration.” When you consider the importance of avoiding penalties and lawsuits for not sufficiently protecting critical assets and data, the picture becomes crystal clear.

How can Denver Cyber Security help you? First and foremost, we are an experienced IT security consulting company, and we start at ground zero with an assessment of your company’s current situation and specific needs. We listen to you and then work closely with you to provide the best mix of security solutions – and we can do this because we have assembled the right IT security teams and top-of-the-line partners.

We are a partner/reseller of Solutionary, which is recognized on a par with such companies as IBM, AT&T and Dell SecureWorks as a Gartner Magic Quadrant MSSP (managed security service provider). We are also a partner/reseller of Wombat Security Technologies’ software, which is THE leading online security awareness training platform in the industry.

The bottom line? No one is safe from cyber attack anymore – a firewall is not enough. A seismic shift in the landscape has occurred, and there is no going back to a period of complacency and just keeping your head down and hoping for the best.

Denver Cyber Security is here to help you protect your critical assets and avoid operational interruptions that could prove to be catastrophic. Call us now at 303-997-5506.

"I do not believe that there is a single, secure, unclassified computer network in the U.S. today." -Shawn Henry, Executive Assistant Director of the FBI, Wall St. Journal
Mar. 28, 2012

Call us today to find out how Denver Cyber Security, Solutionary, and Wombat can help your company solve its IT security issues and protect its data assets.