Comprehensive, Trusted Cyber Security Services

Specializing in Medium-Sized Companies
and High Net Worth Individuals

Cyber Security Services Overview

Assessment Services

You can't fix it unless you understand exactly what the problem is. Our assessment program gets to the bottom of it fast.

Mitigation Services

Our trusted, experienced team can work with and train your IT team to find and fix problems and build strong, long-term defenses. 

Incident Response Services

Your company's future depends on how it handles a breach. The time is now to build your incident response plan and train your team.

We combine strategy and technology to address our clients’ most complex, high-priority cyber security challenges. Our experts work to understand, prioritize, and manage cyber security in the context of your mission, business goals, and budget. We build a cost-effective cyber strategy that leverages off your existing IT infrastructure.  We enable you to grow your business faster--and with more confidence--while aligned with the ISO/IEC 27k standards and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Trust our comprehensive, professional, proven cyber security strategy:

  • Know: Understand your business ecosystem and the cyber risk within it.
  • Protect: Secure your organization, operations, products, and services.
  • Respond: Triage, respond, and learn from cyber incidents.
  • Mature: Build and manage a world-class cyber program and workforce.

Security Problems We Solve

Ray's hands-on, in-the-trenches cyber security experience is revealed every time I talk to him or serve with him on a cyber security panel presentation. His wide-ranging technical knowledge, his extensive business experience, and his amazing security asset network make him the ideal trusted cyber security partner.

Mike Locatis Former Assistant Secretary Department of Homeland Security for Cyber Security and Communications, Former CIO for U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE), CEO FCS, Managing Partner Nexusist

Complimentary, Confidential, Initial Client Assessment

Ray is my “go-to” person whenever I have a question regarding cyber security. His thorough knowledge of the industry and leaders in various security segments, give Ray a comprehensive, contemporary, view that he is always willing to share. I trust his advice and highly recommend Ray.

Mike Casullo CIO, Ciber, Inc.

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