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Ray's hands-on, in-the-trenches cyber security experience is revealed every time I talk to him or serve with him on a cyber security panel presentation. His wide-ranging technical knowledge, his extensive business experience, and his amazing security asset network make him the ideal trusted cyber security partner.

Mike Locatis Former Assistant Secretary Department of Homeland Security for Cyber Security and Communications, Former CIO for U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE), CEO FCS, Managing Partner Nexusist

What kind of problems do you have?

  • Do you need to bring your IT operations in line with theNIST Cyber Security Framework?
  • Have you already been hacked...or do you suspect you've been hacked? More
  • Do you need a cyber security assessment or audit of your network for compliance, insurance or other reasons? More
  • Would you benefit from a confidential relationship with an experienced business executive who is also a cyber security advisor? Someone with whom you can communicate in non-technical language about the various cyber security challenges and issues you face? More
  • Do you need help effectively communicating with and managing your IT team? More
  • Do you need a seasoned business professional who is also a cyber security expert to serve on or advise your board? More
  • Do you need independent third party assistance in assessing various cyber security and/or cloud vendors? More
  • Would it be beneficial to have a cyber security coach or mentor you could call when needed for support and information? More
  • Do you need to locate trustworthy cyber security resources but don't have the time and/or resources to go through a long and complicated vetting process? More
  • Do you need a temporary or contract CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to help you manage an assessment, audit, mitigation, or technology deployment or migration? More
  • Could you benefit from a relationship with a cyber security pro who has carefully and over time built a strong network of highly skilled, experienced, and trusted technical personnel? More
For Media Personnel: Would your organization or career benefit from a relationship with a seasoned, savvy business person and cyber sec expert/spokesperson who is trained to engage with the media on its terms? More

Ray is my “go-to” person whenever I have a question regarding cyber security.  His thorough knowledge of the industry and leaders in various security segments, gives Ray a comprehensive, contemporary, view that he is always willing to share.  I totally trust his advice and highly recommend Ray.

Mike Casullo CIO, Ciber, Inc.

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