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CyberCecurity, LLC was formed in March 2016 via a merger of the founder's two previous companies Denver Cyber Security, LLC and Information Risk Strategy Consultants, LLC. The two companies had been officially collaborating on projects for some time previous to the merger until it made sense to combine the two operations.

Today, CyberCecurity, LLC is considered one of Colorado's leading full-service cybersecurity companies and in certain national industry verticals (such as the mortgage lending industry vertical), CyberCecurity, LLC is recognized as the premier cybersecurity provider.

CyberCecurity, LLC is a full-service cybersecurity company that is able to provide a full range of services and products but at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. That is because we are a virtual company that does not have to carry fixed overhead costs. Other than Mitch and Ray, there are no employees. We use U.S.-based, fully vetted specialized technical staff and products on an as-needed basis. The team presented below is just a partial representation of the resources we can bring to bear on behalf of any client.

ray hutchins, CyberCecurity president

Ray Hutchins

Managing Partner
Mitch Tanenbaum, Cyber Security Assessment Specialist & Strategist

Mitch Tanenbaum

Partner & Technical Director

Ray Hutchins' Bio

Over the span of a wide-ranging career, Ray Hutchins has acquired extensive experience in a variety of businesses and industries and has bootstrapped and successfully sold several companies - including the sale of a chain of primary care medical centers to HCA. All of his previous businesses were built around an IT core, and in order to make those businesses succeed, Ray had to master the IT side of things.

Today he leads two cyber security companies - CyberCecurity (CC) and Data1Qbit (D1QB).

Ray's responsibilities at CyberCecurity, LLC include the following:

  • Business strategy
  • Business operations
  • Business development
  • Client relations
  • Technical strategy support
  • Technical operations support
  • New product development
  • Team management and development
  • Third-party vendor assessment and management

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Mitch Tanenbaum's Bio

Mitch's background in cyber security runs deep. He is the holder of two US patents (2014) for security-related technologies, and he previously served as CTO for Absio, Mercury, and as SVP Technology for LenderLive Network.

Mitch has technical mastery of IT network and application operations and cybersecurity. He has deep Department of Defense (DoD) experience and is recognized nationally as the leading expert on cybersecurity for the mortgage lending industry.

He is the author of one of the most insightful and respected cyber security blogs available. See it HERE

Mitch's responsibilities at CyberCecurity, LLC include the following:

  • Technical strategy
  • Technical operations
  • Technical team management
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services
  • Business strategy support
  • Business development
  • Client relations
  • New product development support
  • Third-party vendor assessment and management

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Our Professional Cyber Security Team

In alpha order

Steve Carleton, Cybersecurity Professional

Steve Carleton

Cyber Security Professional, CISSP (training), Vendor Assessment and Policy Specialist

Steve is a recognized science and engineering instructor with the Douglas County School District. He teaches physics, chemistry, engineering, robotics, drones, and information security.

While he is training to take his CISSP certification test, Steve supports CyberCecurity, LLC by helping us research and write cybersecurity policies. He also does vendor assessment research. His current projects include research on SIEM, MDR, MSSP, UTM, and CASB vendors.

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Lee Cuevas, Senior IT & Cybersecurity Professional

Lee Cuevas

Senior IT & Cyber Security Professional, CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge)

Strong technology professional with over 22 years of IT and cyber security operations and management in the SMB, enterprise, and government spaces.

Lee has deep IT and cyber security risk management and operational experiences that include direct cyber security operations, data center security, application security, cloud security, and virtualization infrastructure and security. His years of hands-on security and management experience facilitate a unique ability to creatively balance business operations with today's ever-changing risk mitigation challenges.

Lee has been recognized for trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity as evidenced by the awarding of a Department of Defense Secret security clearance based upon thorough background investigations.

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David.L. Evenden, Senior Vulnerability Exploitation Analyst & Cyber Security Professional

David.L. Evenden

Senior Vulnerability Exploitation Analyst & Cyber Security Professional

David is a senior vulnerability exploitation analyst with experience working in advanced vulnerability analysis with our federal government and other commercial entities. His primary areas of expertise are ColdFusion, social engineering, leveraging cross domain violations, and is currently working in various environments to develop polymorphic APT agents with anti-virus evasion techniques. Much of what David does is sensitive but more information can be shared with qualified, vetted clients. David leads CyberCecurity's vulnerability and penetration testing activities.


Deb Hileman, Crisis Management Advisor

Deb Hileman

Crisis Management Specialist

A business leader and certified communication management professional (CMP) with 30 years experience in public and private companies and non-profit organizations, Deb Hileman, CMP has led high-performing communications teams in health care, manufacturing, insurance and financial services and higher education, among others. Her most significant areas of expertise include reputation/crisis management, change management and employee engagement, strategic communications planning and media training. She is a FEMA-trained Incident Commander with experience as a national EMS public information officer during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005), Dean (2007), Ike and Gustav (2008).

Known as a voice of calm in the midst of chaos, Deb has earned a reputation as a trusted strategist and advisor to C-suite executives, operations and other organizational stakeholders. She has successfully managed strategic communications for business issues including natural disasters, labor strikes, criminal prosecutions and federal civil investigations, workplace violence, executive malfeasance, investor litigation, wrongful death and patient abuse investigations, mergers, acquisitions and corporate bankruptcies,among others.

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Steve Kosten, Senior Application Security Professional

Steve Kosten

Senior Application Security Professional

Steve Kosten is the most qualified individual in Colorado to lead CyberCecurity's application security team. His team of security engineers averages more than 15 years of development and security experience in various industries including eCommerce, government, banking, telecom, and engineering. They are all seasoned professionals who understand the requirements of business and are able to recommend solutions that are both sound business and secure development practices.

Steve's team holds multiple certifications and accreditations, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT), GIAC Secure Software Programmer- .NET (GSSP-.NET), and GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java (GSSP-JAVA).

They are frequently invited to speak at events such as OWASP and SANS events and routinely present to development and testing groups Colorado. Several are also SANS instructors, and present at various conferences and private training sessions throughout the world.

Cyber security is all about trust and Steve has been trusted with DoD Top Secret and SCI Top Secret with CI Polygraph clearances.

Whether you are running legacy applications or developing new ones, Steve and his team are eminently qualified to assess and mitigate risk via either static or dynamic application testing and/or assessments.

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Nick Krut, Cyber Security Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Specialist

Nicholas P. Krut

Cyber Security Professional, MSEE, CISSP

Nick is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who has worked in the field of IT and cyber security for 35 years. He designs, implements and manages secured computer systems for our the SMB clients. Nick is a leading innovator in the area of cyber security for the legal and financial sectors, and recent his focus has also been on creating secure stationary and portable data platforms for our medical clients. He serves as Cyber Security Advisor to Wallcott Holdings toward the Development of Worldwide Cyber Security EHR Data Sharing Networks for medical tourism clinics.

Clients include Blue Cross/Shield, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and a number of Denver law firms.

Nick's rich technical experience includes work as Project Engineer for the USAF for the Instrumentation and Flight Safety System for the MX Missile and Lead Research and Development Engineer for the design, implementation and integration of the USAF's Targeting Systems Characterization Facility. He also lead a team of USAF and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) scientists, meteorologists and engineers in designing an optical path for data collection and analysis on Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR), which is used on today's fighter aircraft.

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Ryan Newby, Senior IT & Cyber Security Engineer

Ryan Newby

Senior IT & Cyber Security Engineer

Ryan is a seasoned systems and network engineer with broad cyber security technical operations experience in multiple industries.

As a technical lead for various production, software development, and corporate environments, Ryan has addressed security concerns for projects of all sizes.  His operational experience includes direct cyber security operations, data center, cloud, network, and virtualization infrastructure, and his years of leadership, hands-on operations and security experience facilitate his unique capability to assess complex security issues and cost-effectively mitigate those problems

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Richard Proctor, Cyber Security Professional, CISSP, Cyber Project Management, Vendor Assessment Specialist

Richard Proctor

Cyber Security Professional, CISSP, Cyber Project Management, Vendor Assessment Specialist

Richard is a senior IT manager with deep experience in enterprise-level, large-scale IT project management for companies like Dish Networks, Blockbuster, and Verizon. He is a telecommunications industry specialist.

Richard supports CyberCecurity, LLC by leading our vendor assessment research team. Their current projects include SIEM, MDR, MSSP, and UTM vendors.

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Brad Smith, Small Business Cyber Security Assessment and Mitigation Specialist

Brad Smith

Small Business Cyber Security Assessment and Mitigation Specialist

Brad specializes in providing IT and cyber security services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Denver Tech Center area. His expertise lies in providing assessments and mitigation, as well as management of cloud and IT infrastructures.

His national CMIT affiliation allows him to combine local service with the technical resources of a large company consisting of a network of over 125 locations. This managed services delivery model enables him to save our smaller clients substantial time and money.

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Mark Watson, CISSP, PMP, Cyber Security Audit, Risk Assessment and Policy Development Professional

Mark Watsen, CISSP, PMP

Cyber Security Audit, Risk Assessment and Policy Development Professional

Mark is a senior IT Manager/Director with 20+ years of experience in risk assessment, risk management, policy development, IS audit, PPM/EPM process and tools, and process improvement. He is adept in COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, PMBOK, ISO 27K, NIST 800 Series, and FISMA.

Mark has been recognized for trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity as evidenced by his active government clearance based upon thorough background investigations.

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I’ve known Ray and Mitch for several years and worked with Ray on the Board of the ISSA
and other projects. They are complete professionals and a valued assets of our Colorado's cyber security community.

Alex Wood VP, Information Security, CISO at Pulte Group, Inc., Past President, Denver Information Security Systems Association (ISSA)