Events - Presented by CyberCecurity, LLC

October 2015 – IFG Wealth Management, Miami, FL

Topic: Did You Pay Too Much For That Asset?

November 2015 – California Mortgage Bankers Executive Council

Topic: Cyber Security, a Reality Check

November 2015- Colorado Mortgage Lenders Executive Council

Topic: Cyber Security 101

November 2015 – Terrapinn Wealth Management Americas, Miami, FL

Topic: Did You Pay Too Much For That Asset?

March 2016 – Utah MBA Compliance Foum, Salt Lake City, UT

Topic: Cyber Security and Compliance In a Digital Age

March 2016 – Independent Mortgage Bankers Assn – Webinar

Topic: Cyber Compliance in the Digital World

April 2016 – IFG Wealth Management – Phoenix, AZ

Topic: How to Survive in a Risky Cyber World

April 2016 – New York Business Group – New York, NY

Topic: Cyber Security Panel Discussion

April 2016 – Colorado Bar Assn Continuing Legal Education

Topic: Cyber Risk in the M&A Process

June 2016 – IMA University – Denver, CO

Topic: Cyber Security Panel Discussion

July 2016 – California MBA Western Secondary Conference – San Francisco, CA

Topic: Gone Phishin’

September 2016 – Private corporate annual conference – Hilton Head, SC

Topic: Security for financial services

November 2016 – Terrapinn Wealth Management Americas 2016 – Miami, FL

Topic: Business Email Compromise

December 2016 – Marcus Evans Private Wealth Management – Las Vegas, NV

Topic: The Digital Impact of Technology in the World of Private Wealth

January 2017 – California Mortgage Bankers Association – Webinar

Topic: The State of Cyber Security Risk in 2017

January 2017 – National Mortgage Bankers Association – Webinar

Topic: Cyber Risk Management for Community Banks and Credit Unions

February 2017 – TiE Rockies Presentation – Denver, CO

Topic: Ransomware - 50 Shades of Pain

March 2017 – Richey May Presentation – Webinar

Topic: New York DFS Cyber Security Regulation

April 6, 2017 – IMA Financial Services Presentation – Denver, CO

Topic: Cyber Threats to Construction Firms

April 20, 2017 – Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association – 26th Annual Expo

Topic: 50 Shades of Pain -New York DFS Cyber Security Regulation

August 22, 2017 – Joint Colorado ISSM Working Group - Colorado Springs, CO

Topic: Complying with 800-171

November 7, 2017 – The Pelley Group - Denver, CO

Topic: Equifax and Protecting Your Money

December 7, 2017 – Northern Colorado ISSM Working Group - Denver, CO

Topic: Your UNCLASS Computer is a Gateway for Attack