Simplify Your Approach to Cyber Risk Management
 With BitSight Security Ratings

23,000 Companies Are Now Being Monitored by BitSight!

As the standard in security ratings, BitSight gathers terabytes of global data in order to evaluate the security posture of your company and your vendors and assign a rating based on the company's security effectiveness.

BitSight Security Ratings

  • Benchmark your security position against your industry and competition and effectively communicate this position to your board and business leadership
  • Continuously monitor the cyber risk of third party vendors and key suppliers
  • Use the BitSight forensics to improve incident response
  • Use the BitSight platform to do due diligence on acquisitions and M&A targets...or buyers of your company if you are financing the deal
  • Use the BitSight platform to do due diligence on any company you are loaning money to
  • Objectively assess cyber risk in the underwriting process and calibrate cyber insurance premiums
BitSight Announces a New Partnership with AIG Insurance - AIG and BitSight announce a partnership wherein AIG uses BitSight security ratings for vendor risk management for its CyberEdge insureds. See details HERE.

Our partner, BitSight, has been rated by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. More information about BitSight can be found HERE.

BitSight Cool Vendor


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