Dizzion is literally changing the way the world works!

Denver Cyber Security is proud to partner with Dizzion, a Denver-based company established in 2011 that is focused on bringing the power of cloud computing to the desktop by enabling users to securely access their applications and data from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Everything is moving to the cloud, but the one thing many companies aren’t addressing is the desktop. Their most critical data and intellectual property are walking out the door every day. Dizzion solves that problem by centralizing and securing the desktop in the cloud. Companies have greater control over their data while providing employees the flexibility to work from any device, anywhere.

Our customers enjoy increased employee productivity and satisfaction while avoiding the time and troubleshooting spent deploying PCs the traditional way.

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What is Dizzion?

Dizzion is a leader in what is referred to as DaaS or "desktop-as-a-service." It is the next evolution of what was known as VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure that companies like Citrix pioneered.

How does it work?

Dizzion has produced a small hardware device (about the size of a cell phone) that is in essence a small PC which has the capacity to communicate via the Internet (either via LAN or wireless). This Dizzion device is called a zLink and the user connects their keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the device and via the zLink the user connects to the company network and all its various software applications. No applications reside on the zLink, therefore you eliminate many security vulnerabilities associated with the traditional IT model of the user running a PC or laptop which then uses the Internet to connect to the company network.

The computing power no longer comes from the PC or laptop, it comes from the "virtual desktop" (VD) which is now in the cloud.

What are the security benefits?

Using zLink to connect to the VD provides many important security benefits. They include:

  1. PC, laptop, tablet, phone client/end-users are no longer responsible for end-point security
  2. End-users have no data, therefore there is not data to lose
  3. With zLink, it is much more difficult to infect a virtualized environment and if a virus does make it into the virtualized environment, Dizzion runs enterprise-level anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep things clean. Just because the virus makes it to the virtualized environment does not mean it will be able to run there. Dizzion assumes the security risk in the virtualized environment.
  4. Assuming that you have a spare z-Links, now you have automatic disaster recovery (DR). You just connect another zLink to the virtual environment and go.
  5. Home wireless networks can automatically be secured
  6. Two-factor authentication feature-encrypted storage where customer manages the keys

     Here is a great 2 minute video that explains what the Dizzion zLink is all about!

How does Dizzion save me money? (Basically, by getting you out of the end-point business!) 

  • No capital investment for computers
  • 70% less power than laptops, 98% less power than PC (zLink uses 1 watt)
  • Reduced time and expense associated with user set-up and support
  • No IT maintenance costs
  • No software patch costs
  • No software management on endpoints (PCs, laptops, tablets, phones)
  • No anti-virus or other security software required
  • No computer hardware thefts or losses
  • Less space and cabling requirements
  • No on-site IT support costs
  • zLink comes with the operating system
  • Controls can be set up prior to shipping, so it is plug and play
  • Costs little to replace and ship (send broken one back, they replace immediately)
  • Most peripherals connect to zLink
  • No worries about resource provisioning, load balancing or network issues
  • No in-house VDI expertise required
  • Users can get access to VDs very quickly on any device

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