Complimentary, Confidential, Initial Client Assessment (for Colorado clients)

Typically, things are worth what you pay for them, right?

Well, in this case you win.

By its very nature, a cyber security relationship must be one built on trust. In order to solve your cyber security problems, we need to understand your business and your IT system. We need to be part of your team. It is our philosophy that this type of relationship cannot be built remotely. It has to be done in person...up close and personal.

Therefore, assuming you are in Colorado, we come to you...get to know you and your team...make note of your problems and see your business in operation. We spend enough time with you and your team and ask enough questions to give us an initial, but still accurate picture of your situation.

Both of us get a chance to assess the other. Are our goals in alignment? Can we work together and build a relationship?

Then we go back and we engineer an assessment proposal for you. This assessment proposal will be thorough and address all the issues and requirements we discovered during our visit and subsequent study of your situation.

Next we present the proposal to you and discuss our findings and recommendations at this stage of the process. You will see that we are investing hundreds of dollars of our time and expertise toward the building of a strong working partnership with you.

All of this at no cost to you (for Colorado clients). The best way to make a friend is to do them a favor. There is a reason we have the reputation we do. We are prepared to do you a solid.

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