Combat Cyber Attacks and Reduce Vulnerability with Online Security Awareness Training

When you consider the number of employees who regularly connect to a company's network via the use of mobile devices, or who have valuable company data loaded onto those devices, you have to shudder at the thought of the security risk this represents. And what if those employees are not aware of the risks? What if they have not been trained to think in terms of data protection and security?

security awareness

The human element, as it turns out, is the weakest link in cyber security. According to a recent Information Security Breach survey of corporate CTO's, 82% of organizations had staff-driven incidents and 47% had employees lose or leak confidential information. These are huge numbers, huge risks. But they can now be successfully addressed by the use of a proven, web-based, interactive security awareness training platform.

Traditional training formats are no longer viable

Boring videos, "death by PowerPoint," and traditional classroom settings fail to provide the level of engagement required to effectively train and protect your employees and organization. To drive real retention and lasting change in employee behavior, security training must be thoroughly engaging and empower employees to "learn by doing."

This is where Wombat Security Technologies comes in. The company grew out of the largest national research project (funded by the U.S. military) to combat phishing attacks, and Wombat's focus is on providing effective training and measurable, actionable results.

Taking into account today's culture of short attention spans, Wombat's software modules are fully interactive and can be completed in less than 10 minutes per module. The modules complement each other and can be delivered either together or in stand-alone format. A critical part of Wombat's unique training technique is a breakthrough methodology that involves a simulated cyber attack. Employees have to think and then react.

Wombat - Denver Cyber Security's partner for security awareness training

Since 2008, Wombat's cyber security training has been successfully deployed by companies of all sizes and types around the world. These enterprises all shared a common goal - to reduce exposure to security attacks, eliminate theft of intellectual property and customer data, and minimize financial losses.

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Security Awareness Training- Wombat (1m 43secs)